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April 17, 2023

[076] How your past might be preventing your business success with Sinead Doohan

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I’m always fascinated by the reasons that wellness business owners aren’t able to ‘just start now’ in their work and I know the reasons go deep. I’ve recently started therapy myself (long overdue!) as I’m finding there are certain things I know at a logical level, but that continue to hold me back despite all the coaching and awareness I have. 

I wanted to chat to someone more about what might have happened in the past that shows up in our businesses today and what we can do to ensure it doesn’t prevent us achieving what we want, and there’s no better woman than Sinéad Doohan who is a Clinical Transformational Hypnotherapist and Coach, supporting women to flourish without fear, without worrying about mistakes or what other people think.

In this episode, we talk about:
  • The missing piece if you’re finding that business strategy and setting goals just isn’t getting you the results that you’re looking for – the experiences and stories from your past
  • The three biggest negative beliefs Sinéad sees holding people back from doing what they want: Am I good enough? I’m different and that’s not acceptable. That’s not available to me. 
  • The fact that we have to ‘do the cleaning on the way to the rainbow’ as Sinéad describes it, in order to progress and see results from our actions. We have to clear the way and remove the blocks or they will always come up, whether it’s now or later. 
  • All the ‘shoulds’ and where they really come from, particularly I should be on social media and I should be further ahead than I am. 
  • How the ‘inner work’ is an ongoing process and requires constant curiosity and compassion as the things we bring with us from childhood show up in our business in new ways – ‘new level, new devil!’

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Access Sinéad’s free mini self-paced transformation audio – the Answer is Within – available from her website. You can also download her audio “The Power of I CAN” to wire in updated programs.

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