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November 15, 2021

[044] What to do with 20 minutes on Instagram that actually gets clients

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In this podcast I discuss:

  • Three things not to do if you want to get clients on Instagram:
    • Go on without a timer
    • Scroll mindlessly without engaging
    • Compare yourself to everyone else
  • Non-negotiable things I think you should be doing with your 20 minutes on Instagram:
    • Replying to comments
    • Visiting followers accounts
    • Dropping into DMs
  • Ways to strengthen bonds and find new followers with 20 minutes on Instagram:
    • Check your ‘Least Interacted With’ list
    • Watch stories and commit to sending DMs in response
    • Scroll your feed and commit to leaving comments
    • Create a list of similar practitioners or other people your ideal customer might be following and engage in the conversation on their posts (you need the list to override the algorithm which won’t show you what you need to see!)
    • Check out the accounts of people you think would have ideal customers following them and engage with their followers (you can go through their list!)
    • Engage with (leave comments on) posts that are shared from locations you know your ideal customers hang out e.g. cafes, restaurants, gyms, wellness festivals etc.
  • Tidy things up if you are going to achieve maximum effectiveness with 20 minutes on Instagram:
    • Unfollow or mute people that trigger you
    • Go through the list of people you’re following and unfollow anyone that’s not inspiring you or isn’t an ideal customer


A great follow up listen to this episode is Episode 12 – How to gain 1k followers on Instagram in 1 year.

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