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September 25, 2023

[084] Making your wellness business a reality: Just Start Now member stories

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Doors are open Friday 22nd – Wednesday 27th September 2023 to the Just Start Now community.

If you’ve been wondering about whether it’s a good fit for you I wanted to introduce you to five Just Start Now members to share their experience of being on the inside and what they’ve found the most valuable part of being in the community.

In this episode we talk about: 
  • The overwhelm and struggle knowing where to start when you’ve qualified as a practitioner but don’t know how to get clients and make an income (if you’re feeling this, you’re not alone!)
  • The big mindset shifts the members have experienced since being inside: increased confidence, ability to learn from ‘failure’ and see what you do as a true business, not just a hobby
  • Investing in what you believe in and how signing up for Just Start Now (or any other business support programme) shows you’re backing yourself and your skills
  • If it’s possible to be too early to invest in the ‘business bit’ of your health qualification, or whether committing and learning what we do inside Just Start Now even before you qualify can actually be a really great idea
  • Two core messages from the Just Start Now content: that embracing your niche and getting clear on who you help has been a game-changer and being part of a community that is the “opposite of scarcity mindset” where everyone is open to sharing advice, connections and tips makes transitioning and growing your business so much easier.

Doors to Just Start Now are open – Sign up now

Find out more about the members:

Alex Carey

Alex is a yoga instructor, nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health Counsellor specialising in fertility, pregnancy and the journey into motherhood. She has a virtual yoga studio, offers group programs (next one launching Jan ’24) and 1:1 support for women preparing for pregnancy or experiencing fertility challenges.

@alex_carey_yoga on Instagram

Ana Stefan

Ana helps women to see how truly amazing their bodies – and full selves – are, through mindful and aligned movement. She combines her wisdom in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Myofascial Movement and breathwork to take a mindful approach to movement that supports women in attaining their Aligned Body.

@thealignedbodycoach on Instagram

Melisa Jermin

Melisa is a medical herbalist, naturopath and meditation and mindfulness teacher, helping people who feel tired all the time and don’t have the energy to live their life to the full. Having recovered from debilitating fatigue using a natural approach herself, she supports her clients to regain their natural energy levels and build their resilience by taking a holistic approach, using a combination of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine and meditation and breathing practices.

Melisa Jermin CFS Recovery on LinkedIn

Tina Hancocks

Tina is a Nutritional Therapist in her final year of studies.  She focuses on autoimmune conditions and supporting clients through nutrition and lifestyle changes, to transform their health and regain their zest for life.

@nutritionwithtina on Instagram

Louisa Daubney

Louisa is a qualified personal performance coach and self-confessed time management geek. She works with women solopreneurs to build a healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationship with how they spend their time on their business, well-being and that passion project they have been wanting to start since leaving the corporate 9-5.

@louisadaubney on Instagram

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