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September 17, 2023

[083] Deciphering business support as a conscious consumer with Kendall Platt

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Doors will re-open on Friday to the Just Start Now community and I thought this would be a perfect time to invite a guest onto the podcast who has some great advice to share on how to choose what to invest in what it comes to your wellness business.

Kendall Platt is The Mindful Gardening Coach and as well as a Just Start Now member has invested along the way in her business journey in support, accountability and training to create a flexible and enjoyable work-life around her two young children.

What support and training to invest in when you’re a solopreneur can feel really overwhelming. There is so much choice and so many urgent marketing messages about what’s right and wrong for you. Kendall and I have both been down those rabbit holes and so we have an honest chat about what’s worked and what hasn’t for us.

In this episode we talk about: 
  • Kendall’s transition from full-time forensic work to running her own business alongside having two daughters, and the different iterations that her products and services have taken along the way.
  • Getting sucked in to marketing promises and quick-fix solutions sold to business owners and the difference between conspicuous and conscious consumerism when it comes to spending on sustainable support.
  • The benefits and game-changing content inside Just Start Now that Kendall has found most useful and what her advice is if you’re considering joining yourself.
  • The biggest mistake Kendall’s made in the last few years which is still taking up space in her cupboards!

Doors open for Just Start Now on Friday 22nd September – join the waitlist now (or sign up when doors open 22-27th September 2023).

Find out more about Kendall:

Kendall Platt is The Mindful Gardening Coach. 

She helps women take time out of their busy lives to quieten their minds whilst creating a garden that sets their heart on fire and creating with the flowers that they grow.

She does this through her Cultivate your Wellbeing programme, helping women to create their green haven, garden their way to calm and banish their anxiety in just 5 minutes a day.

She is the founder of The Mindful Gardening Club the UK’s only online gardening and floristry for wellbeing course and community for women who want to take their garden from bland to brightly coloured and feel fabulous as they do it! Designed to give you a simple month by month plan to get you gardening for your wellbeing without adding to the mental load.

Kendall is a writer, speaker and content creator, who has spoken at events and for organisations both online and in person on the topic of mindful gardening and gardening and floristry for wellbeing.

She has also been featured on This Morning, BBC radio and in multiple publications such as The Independent, The Telegraph’s Stella Magazine and Happiful magazine.

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