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October 25, 2023

[088] Why Human Touch Matters: Copywriting vs. AI

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I last had resident copywriting expert from the Just Start Now community Lea Tierney on the podcast two years ago (have a listen here). But I had to have her back as our first repeat guest! And that’s because we both believe passionately in the power of great writing for your business and the fact it’s still a main staple of how we support people connect and convert customers in their wellness businesses.

Two years on from the last time we sat down to speak… has copywriting changed? Can’t ChatGPT just do it all for us now?

In this episode we talk about: 
  • What’s changed in copywriting and content creation since 2021 and the fact that ChatGPT definitely can’t and won’t replace the skill of human writing (although we acknowledge there are a few handy things it can do for you!).
  • How long writing for your business actually takes (Vicky shares her numbers!) and why this should be embraced and enjoyed, rather than shunned and resented.
  • Is there a difference between content creation and copywriting? And does it even matter if the more important thing is just that you’re sharing something with your audience?
  • How to tailor content for different platforms like website, email and social media and how repurposing and writing less not more is actually key to connection (something we teach in Copy That Connects!)
  • The Copy That Connects course Lea and Vicky have co-created and that received phenomenal feedback when it ran earlier in 2023. We’re running it again November-December 2023 and talk through who it’s ideal for and what you can find inside. Get all the details and sign up now.

Connect with Lea:

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Love this podcast? Sign up for Copy That Connects. The live round starting Monday 6th November offers VIP level access for full accountability and feedback on your copywriting from Lea and Vicky.

Any questions about this episode or the Copy That Connects course drop me an email (, send me a DM on Instagram or book in a chat here.

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