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October 4, 2020

[027] How to build a wellness business website that attracts customers

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In this episode I talk about the essentials you need to include on a wellness business website that attracts rather than repels your ideal clients.


In this episode I cover:

  • Focusing on your ideal client 

    How this should underlie everything you do on your website (go back and listen to the episode on niching if you are struggling with getting to know who this person is)

  • Basic pages you need to include:
    • Home – like an index for your site to direct people around
    • About Me – which is, in fact, about your ideal customer – not you!
    • Work with me – a clear page explaining how people can buy / work with you
    • Blog or resources – to allow people to go deeper and see what you offer and get clearer on how you work
    • Contact Me – a simple page helping people reach out and get in touch
  • Calls To Action

    Also known as CTAs, ways to make people take action, get in touch, book in or join your mailing list, rather than just passively browse your site.

  • Formatting 

    Why using headers, paragraph breaks, italics and bold text to really break up your text is important not only for readability on small screens but also for visibility and getting found on Google.

  • Photos of yourself 

    Why these are so vital because ‘people buy from people’!

  • Making it easy to book and pay 

    Why when we’re competing alongside Amazon 1-click purchase for online buying, we need to make things quick and easy for people to contact, book and buy from us and how to do this with free or affordable tools.

High converting Calls To Action

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