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September 7, 2020

[023] How to use a Facebook group to fully book your wellness business

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In this episode I talk about how to use a Facebook group to build an audience who know, like and trust you ready to buy your products and services.

I’ve broken this episode down into 6 points:

  1. Give your Facebook group a purpose

    People don’t want to just join another Facebook group, you have to give them a reason! This should connect with your niche and ideal customer (check out this episode of the podcast for more on finding your niche) and be a natural lead into your paid offering.

  2. Sign up members to your Facebook group

    Go out into as many places as possible and spread the word, remembering to tell people why they should join. This is very similar to getting sign ups for your mailing list (check out this episode of the podcast about how to start a mailing list) – sharing about it on social media, mentioning it on your email list and also sending personalised invite emails and DMs.

  3. What to share in your Facebook group

    Keep it on point for the purpose of your group. What do your members need to hear? What do they need help with? Post as consistently as you can. Remember to post why content, not just how content.

  4. How to get engagement in your Facebook group

    Mix in fun and easy to engage with content that your members can answer in one word with very few brain-cells! Blending in “I can answer that!” type posts makes people more likely to get involved when you ask other questions too. Check out Janet Murray’s how to revive a dying Facebook group.

  5. Get something back from your Facebook group

    Use your Facebook group to ask polls and questions to find out what people want to see from you next e.g. If I go live next week, do you want a strawberry or raspberry recipe next? Getting your audience involved makes them feel part of your process and you get something back because people have inputted.

  6. Sell regularly in your Facebook group

    Right from the beginning of running your group make sure you mention your paid offerings, as well as giving free content. You don’t want to breed ‘baby birds’ that just take free stuff and never pay to get real results. If you hate the idea of selling go back to listen to episode 7 about selling without feeling gross.


Still not convinced running a Facebook group is worth it? Read this blog post on the benefits.


If you want to convert browsers into buyers, check out my access anytime video training Use Social Media to Get Booked.





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