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September 13, 2020

[024] How to turn your day-dream into your day-job with Kerry Lyons

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Some of the things we talked about when it comes to leaving your job and following your passion:

  • Having no plan and trusting the process of experimenting when it comes to leaving your job
  • The mindset of “My only option is to stay in this job,” how limiting this is and how to move away from it
  • How necessary it is to limit the amount of time you faff around with your side-hustle and the importance of putting a deadline on handing in your notice and going it alone
  • Making a decision and commitment to do something and how this changes you mentally and physically and gets better results. Ditching the pity party for a possibility party where the nibbles are tastier!
  • Choosing to help people over the stories and limits of your ego.
  • How The Imperfect Life Planner (which is now no longer available) can help you break-down your goals into steps and shift your mindset into being the business owner you want to be right now


Kerry recommended Gay Hendrick’s book The Big Leap.

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