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June 27, 2022

[063] The answer to “I don’t have time!” in your business

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I’m excited to bring you the next episode of the Just Start Now Book Club podcast season.

Each episode in this series will be focusing on a chapter in my new book, Just Start Now – Unlock your entrepreneur mindset to grow your wellness business.

To get the most from the season, buy your copy now and read along with us!


What I cover in today’s episode, and chapter 9 of my book, is one of my all-time favourite topics! The concept of ‘running out of time’. It’s something I hear a lot when I talk to wellness business owners and let’s face it we’ve all said it at various times to ourselves and to other people. But are you being honest with yourself about what “I don’t have time” actually means?

In this episode, I go a little deeper into the mindset blocks around time and how by changing that mindset you might find you actually get better results in your business.

Some of the things I talked about when it comes to how you feel and think about time:

  • The concept of “I don’t have time” and what it actually means
  • Things that do take time in your business, like building trust and connections with your audience
  • The mindset shifts you need to make to take more aligned action in your wellness business
  • Taking responsibility and being honest with yourself about how you spend your time
  • Why it’s important to be open to having time to make ‘mistakes’ and experiment in your business
  • Why you are not ‘lazy’ despite what you might be telling yourself
  • Being honest about what your priorities actually are (and yes we all prioritise differently!)

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