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June 20, 2022

[062] The truth about what stops you from Just Starting Now (with Samantha Carbon and Lucy Rowett)

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I’m excited to bring you the next episode of the Just Start Now Book Club podcast season.

Each episode in this series will be focusing on a chapter in my new book, Just Start Now – Unlock your entrepreneur mindset to grow your wellness business.

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Trigger warning: We discuss racism, body size discrimination and gender identity in this conversation, and some strong language was used in this episode in case you may find this offensive or if little ears are around while you listen.


In today’s episode, I’m joined by two guests – Samantha Carbon, psychotherapist, coach and primary tutor, and Lucy Rowett, certified sex coach and sexologist – to discuss the larger societal things at play that may stop you from just starting now.

Some of the things we talked about when it comes to just starting now:

  • What you need to be aware of beyond your own mindset that may be holding you back from starting your business or taking action
  • Having courage and compassion to engage and interact with uncomfortable conversations, particularly with marginalised groups and the fear of ‘getting it wrong’
  • Body size discrimination and diet culture within the wellness space
  • The importance of feeling safe being visible online and in business
  • What’s missing in the mainstream business conversation and the understanding that all our minds and bodies work differently
  • How your business model should reflect what truly works for you, your mind and your body
  • The ‘resilient edge of resistance’ and finding your own window of tolerance
  • How doing the inner work can help you to develop a more inclusive business

Resources based on this episode:

Samantha Carbon’s RACE Programme

Becoming Anti-Racist with Nova Reid

How to make your wellness business more inclusive – listen to my conversation with Sarah Taylor

Find out more about Samantha Carbon:

Samantha Carbon’s website

Samantha Carbon on LinkedIn

Samantha Carbon on Instagram

Find out more about Lucy Rowett:

Lucy Rowett’s website

Lucy Rowett on Instagram

Lucy Rowett on Facebook


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