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November 16, 2023

[090] How to market your wellness business without getting burnt out

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This episode was inspired by two conversations: one with next week’s podcast guest Jana Osofsky (which I’ll try not to spoil and let you wait and hear!) and a question from the Just Start Now community after working through our Core Content.

We know we need to market ourselves, which requires content creation and visibility. But how do we do that without becoming exhausted, resentful and burnt-out? Here are my thoughts.

In this episode I talk about:
Mindsets that create burn out when it comes to marketing
  • Accepting that there isn’t just one way of marketing your business – and embracing the experimentation and time it takes to find what works for you and your audience (and PS. you can’t do it all – so honing in and doing less not more!)
  • Changing your expectations of what your marketing can achieve – realising there isn’t one magic bullet or quick fix everyone is hiding from you, nor is it the norm to have overnight success (you have to be persistent with whichever method you try)
  • Changing your thoughts around marketing to prevent burn out – tapping into what your inner protector is trying to shelter you from when it comes to marketing, and switching up your thoughts and beliefs to something more helpful to allow you to experiment
  • Shifting the focus of marketing to what you can learn – what marketing can prove to yourself about being visible and sharing, rather than “did this piece of marketing = customers / revenue immediately”. 
Practical considerations that create burn out when it comes to marketing
  • Do you have a system or content strategy that takes people from browsing to buying? From discovering you to trusting and being ready to buy from you. If not, you will burn out by just trying to market yourself in the way you see other people doing, when their business model is not relevant to yours or you don’t know their strategy. If you don’t know what to post that actually moves people from finding you to buying from you, invest in my Use Social Media To Get Booked mini-training to discover the three types of content you need to be producing (with 100+ prompts to get started)
  • Are you thinking long-term with the marketing that you spend your time on? Making sure with the marketing you choose that you have at least one long-term platform or strategy – something that you put your time into now but that will pay dividends to you months and years into the future, like your website and SEO, or Pinterest (more on that next week). If you don’t know what to spend your time on that isn’t social media, then invest in my How To Market Your Wellness Business Without Social Media mini-course.

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