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May 26, 2020

10 ways to upgrade your mind from 10 thriving wellness entrepreneurs

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What does it take to run a successful wellness business AND keep yourself sane?

Read on to find out top tips on how to achieve balance in your business from these successful wellness business owners

Season 2 of my podcast Just Start Now has come to an end this month and it’s been a joy to see how much you’ve all got out of every episode.

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Just Start Now podcast for wellness entrepreneurs

Over two seasons I’ve now interviewed ten fantastic wellness business owners and picked their brains on their journeys, their successes and their failures and also asked them a big question:

How do you keep yourself mentally well, while running your business?

When things get busy and we get bogged down in all the doing of the things to get clients flowing in, what can we do to take a step back and nourish our brains to support our business growth?

Here’s a round-up of their tips (I think you’ll spot some themes…!):

Lauren Armes, founder of Well To Do

Lauren Armes

It’s important to figure out what ‘enough’ is for you in your business.

By allowing yourself weekends off if you want to, or allowing yourself to work 9-6 if you want to, you can achieve the balance you desire and enjoy your life while maintaining your sanity.

When you run a business you could work every hour under the sun and never run out of things to do, so instead of glorifying ‘busy’ you have to decide when you’ve done enough and when you are enough.

Listen to episode 2: Making mistakes in your wellness business with Lauren Armes

Laura Agar Wilson, health coach & business mentor

Laura Agar Wilson

It’s vital to set yourself some boundaries around time and take some time off. You’re not in the 9-5 job anymore, so you can work when it’s convenient to you.

I also think having some business besties that you can turn to when you have a specific question or are facing a new problem in your business is a really great support for staying mentally well, and joining a membership group can be a great way to find those people.

Listen to episode 4: Trying to do all. the. things. with Laura Agar Wilson

Toral Shah, scientist, writer and chef at The Urban Kitchen

Toral Shah

You have to schedule in time for yourself like you would a business meeting. For me, that looks like 20 minutes of exercise here, 10 minutes of meditation there and also just having some fun!

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so you have to keep that promise to yourself and make sure you’re checking in with your mind and body all the time.

Listen to episode 6: How to encourage diversity in the wellness industry with Toral Shah

Helena Ryan, Co-Founder of WellFest

Helena Ryan WellFest

Personally, I’m better when I’m busy. That’s probably not the right thing to say, but for me, having a good balance of being busy and then dedicated time off is what keeps me sane. I’d also say reaching out and asking for what you want or need is essential.

The worry of going back to work after having a baby was completely consuming me, but reaching out to my business partner and establishing my hours completely changed my mindset and made all the difference. I wish I’d had the conversation sooner!

Listen to episode 8: How to create sell-out wellness events with Helena Ryan

Tally Rye, Personal Trainer and author

Boundaries around social media usage are so important. That could be boundaries around what you feel comfortable sharing online, or unfollowing or muting people that you feel are preoccupying your mind.

Tally Rye podcast

It’s also important to take a step back every now and then and remember reality. Take in what’s going on around you and invest in those real relationships as much as you are investing online.

And finally, take the pressure off yourself to be the perfect picture of health and wellness. You don’t have to look, eat or train in a certain way and the industry is better with diversity, so embrace who you are, embrace your perspective and be proud of that, as it’s entirely unique to you.

Listen to episode 10: How to say what you want and be authentic online with Tally Rye

Jack Kavanagh, life performance and wellbeing coach

Jack Kavanagh podcast

It’s so important to properly press pause every now and then. Sit down with a pen and paper and firstly, reflect. Look at what you’ve been doing, how you’ve been showing up, and how you feel about your progress.

Understand that things don’t happen overnight – you might not see the benefit of the foundations you’re laying now for a few months or even years – but getting clear on your vision and the ‘why’ behind your work will mean the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ become easier to identify.

Listen to episode 13: How to secure public speaking engagements with Jack Kavanagh

Jodie Brandman, Nutritional Therapist

Jodie Brandman Nutritional Therapist podcast

Be with other people and get support. I cannot stress this enough.

As humans, we have always been designed to be part of a community and we need to bring that back. Screens, Whatsapp, and social media don’t count – we need to connect with people face to face and get that oxytocin going.

It doesn’t matter whether that’s networking, getting a coach or generally being around other people, just don’t do it on your own.

Listen to episode 15: Lessons learned from multiple career paths with Jodie Brandman

Ruth Poundwhite, business mentor

Ruth Poundwhite podcast

I have to prioritise ruthlessly. I have to take stuff off my to-do list all the time, stuff that I really genuinely want to do. It sounds simple but it can be so hard.

There’s something that Kate Northrup says: body first, business second. That doesn’t come naturally to me, I want to work all the time. But what she means is you need to think about the way you are feeling, your energy levels, where you are in your cycle etc. You need to keep yourself well. You need to rest. You need space.

I’m getting there, I’ve improved so much and I think it’s a huge part of mental wellness.

Listen to episode 17: How to create content that connects with Ruth Poundwhite

Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell, co-founders of Squirrel Sisters

Squirrel Sisters podcast interview

It’s really important to allow yourself some time to switch off and really enjoying a moment of quiet and peace, without worrying about anyone else.

Nowadays people think they have to be constantly working, but actually if you don’t want to reply to an email straight away you don’t have to.

The world won’t end. It’s your business and it’s important that you allow yourself that time.

Listen to episode 19: How to launch a health product with no funding with Squirrel Sisters

Annette Kelly, coach and wellbeing advocate

Annette Kelly Little Penny Thoughts podcast

My one tip would be to practise self-care and to know your limits.

Being busy is not a badge of honour, you may not have set working hours because you work for yourself, however, try and set boundaries within your day – a simple thing like when is your cut-off for emails. Self-care is the best care and that’s how you’re going to be more productive within your working day.

Listen to episode 21: How to grow a side-hustle in the world of wellness with Annette Kelly

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